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Published: 01st August 2009
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Horoscope Compatibility- Which system is good and Why?

Birthdate Horoscope Compatibility- It is based on your Birth date only. Suppose a boy is born on

12th July and girl on 27th September. You don't forget any boy born on this specific date have

same compatibility with all girls born on 27th September.
Zodiac Sign Horoscope compatibility-
There are 3 Zodiac sign system popular in the world-
Example Case study-
Boy Name-Subramaniam born on 12th July 1982 - 12:40 PM - Bangalore
Girl Kamini born on 27th September 1985 - 07:40 AM Chennai.
1-Western Zodiac sign Horoscope Compatibility- Based on Tropical Sun sign or also called Solar

sign-. Sun remain same in 1 sign for 1 month (21st June to 23rd July in Cancer Sign for

Subramaniam, and 23rd September to 23rd October in Libra).
In this case study this system is gives same compatibility result for Subramaniam with any girl

born in Libra Sun sign born in between 23rd September to 23rd October in any year.
Vice versa this system will give same result for Kamini with any boy born in between 21st June

to 23rd July.
2- Traditional Indian Astrology Compatibility -Based on Moon Sign and Moon Nakshatra or also

called Lunar sign- Moon remain in 1 sign for approx. 2-2.5 days. Moon Nakshatra remain in

same Nakshatra for approximate 22-26 Hrs.
In this case study -
For Boy Subramaniam -
Moon was in Pisces (Meen) Sign from 06:22 AM, 12th July 1982 till 01:14 PM, 14th July 1982.
Now see which Nakshatra was there and his span-
Moon was in Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra from 12:37 PM of 12th July 1982 till 1:15 PM of 13th

July 1982.
For Girl Kamini-
Moon was in Aquarius (Kumbh) Sign from 08:23 PM, 25th July 1985 till 05:48 AM, 28th Sept.

Now see which Nakshatra was there and his span-
Moon was in Poorva Bhadrapada Nakshatra from 10:25 AM of 27th Sept 1985 till 12:19 PM of

28th Sept. 1985.
Moon is in repeat in any sign and in Nakshatra in approximate 27 days.
In This Traditional orthodox system Astrology/Horoscope Compatibility report is same for any boy

born in Pisces and any girl born in Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra. Whether he or she born in any

year, any month or any Lagna (Ascendant).

Now decide yourself are any of above system is logical, scientific and fruitful?

Now about my System-
Total Horoscope based on Krishna Murti Nakshatra Paddhati (Stellar system).
In which elements are-
1st to 12thcusp - there sign lord star lord and star sub lord.
9 planets-there sign lord star lord and star sub lord.
In this system no any 2 horoscope are possible to similar, whether they are born in-
-Same Month in same Solar or Sun sign,
-Same date in same lunar or Moon Sign and Same Nakshatra,
-Even in same rising Lagna (Ascendant) (span of approximate 1:40 Hr to 2.30 Hrs)

Any relationship, marriage is 1 of the BIGGEST EVENT of life.
Are you SERIUOS about your relationship or marriage?
What you like to get this decision with free or cheap Horoscope compatibility reading?
Or consult with any Professional educated Astrologer??

I am not GOD or GODMAN, but I will try with my best of Astrology knowldge to tell you whether both of you are-
-Is He or She isWould be better half?
-Are we Made for Each Other?
-How will your married life?
-When will you get Marry?
-Will He or She will be my Luck?

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